Watch Lil’ Wayne Go Off On ‘Naked N****as’

John Byrne
Image source: Album cover.

Lil’Wayne is not pleased.

When Young Thug released the cover for his new album, Carter 6, last week, fans wondered whether he meant it as a plaudit or a sign of disrespect. Turns out that answer is clear.

“After staying quiet on the situation in the months since Thug first announced his intentions to do Carter 6 through 10 — which would carry on a series name that Lil Wayne established with Tha Carter through Tha Carter V — Weezy has now made his feelings clear,” MTV says. “It’s disrespect.”

Here’s what he said, and the video of the encounter uploaded to Instagram.

“Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs of n—as that pose naked on they motherf–king album cover,” Wayne told a crowd during a show in Mississippi Thursday.

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