Lamborghini Probably Not Going To Create Cheaper Model

John Byrne
Image source: Tom Wolf, Flickr.

Since the release of McLaren’s $184k new 570S — a cheaper version of its 650S supercar, which will pack 570 horsepower — speculation has grown about other supermajors releasing “sub-model” versions of their marquee cars.

Lamborghini responded to these calls with a definitive — umm — maybe.

“I learned one thing in the automotive industry to say ’never say never,’ and it’s clear the small segment is very competitive,” Lambo CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in an interview. “This means that all is pretty much the same as in other segments where you sell hundreds of thousands of cars a year, so there is a price positioning, everything is understandable and foreseeable and based on figures and comparison. At the time, we are not planning to do something like this. When we speak about derivatives inside the models then there might be, here and there, some opportunities. But basically, we’re not planning to do a new car for this level.”

“I learned one thing in the automotive industry to say ’never say never.'”

Lamborghini arguably introduced the entry level supercar with the release of the Gallardo in 2004. Priced under $200,000, it was the most successful car in Lamborghini’s history, selling just over 10,000 vehicles.

Lamborghini, however, is still considering plans to release an SUV — the Urus. Winkelmann said earlier this year that parent company Volkswagen hasn’t yet signed off. (Bentley, meanwhile, has an SUV coming soon).

The Urus.