Let’s Rock! Twin Peaks Returns…as a Movie?

David Reddish
Image source: Timothy Apnell, Flickr.

Fans of cherry pie, damn good coffee and they mystery of murdered Prom Queens rejoiced earlier this year when series co-creator David Lynch rejoined the revival of Twin Peaks for Showtime.  Twin Peaks, though short lived, is considered one of the best and most influential television series ever, pushing the envelope in terms of violent content, ongoing story arcs and cinematic presentation.  Peaks met with a premature end after a ratings slump, and for 25 years fans have urged Lynch to lead a revival.  Their wishes came true last year when Showtime announced an 8-episode continuation written by Lynch and fellow show creator Mark Frost, with Lynch set to direct every episode.  Contract negotiations forced Lynch to walk temporarily before Showtime agreed to his pay quote, but the network demanded more episodes.

Today we’ve learned that casting is well under way and Lynch, Frost and Showtime all seem pleased with the development.  Their approach to production, however is a bit unorthodox.  Showtime head David Nevins has said they plan to shoot the series like a movie, then decide on the number of episodes:

“What happened was it became clear it was going to take more than nine episodes which was what we originally planned and budgeted for the length of the series. We had to work out the details of the series and I really wanted David to direct the whole thing. We eventually got through it.

They’re going to shoot the whole thing and then they’re going to start post. Bottom line is I’ll take it when they’re ready with it. I can’t get any clear whether it’s ’16 or ’17 but I’m hoping sooner than later. They’re going to decide. I expect it to be more than nine but it’s open ended. I know what his shooting schedule and I’ll let him cut it into as many episodes as wants to. He’s directing it as one long movie is basically how he’s approaching it.”


Previous reports placed the new episode count at 18, though Nevins remarks leaves that in question.  Word is Showtime is still aiming for a 2016 release.