THE HOBBIT Extended Edition to Hit Cinemas

David Reddish
Image source: Tim Sackton, Flickr.

Followers of Middle-Earth depressed over the end of their cinematic universe rejoiced Tuesday with the announcement that still more Hobbit-tastic footage would soon hit screens.  Director Peter Jackson announced the release of The Hobbit Trilogy: Extended Edition this October.  The films will integrate additional scenes and footage shot during principal photography but cut for runtime purposes.  Jackson had tried the same approach with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to great effect, reintegrating scenes from the novels which flesh out the narrative.  The Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings were hailed as masterpieces and welcome additions by Tolkien fans, and turned a healthy profit on home media.

The Extended Edition of The Hobbit Trilogy no doubt has the same goals and approach, though given that The Hobbit, a relatively short novel, was spread out and expanded over three three-hour films, one has to wonder what more Jackson could add.  The Extended Edition hits theatres October 5th, and hits BluRay and DVD on November 3.