LEAK! Read the BATMAN v. SUPERMAN Plot In Full!

David Reddish
Image source: Julie Scott, Flickr.

Bad news for Warner Bros, good news for the rest of us: the plot of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has apparently leaked online, divulging almost every character and plot twist for the entire film.  The synopsis appeared on Reddit, so take it with a grain of salt, though every tidbit in this piece lines up with all the trailer footage and news bits that have thus far been released by Warners.  WARNING!  Spoilers to follow…

Some of the big revelations include:

  • Following the events of Man of Steel, Lex Luthor has stolen General Zod’s body and been tasked by the government to reverse engineer Kryptonian technology.  This enables him to create Kryptonite and discover the Kryptonian genome.  He’s aided by Holly Hunter’s character, Senator Cale.
  • In a further attempt to find ways to battle Superman, Luthor kidnaps Aquaman from a Lexcorp oil rig.
  • Lois Lane is off covering a civil war in the Middle Eastern country of Khandaq, home of Black Atom.
  • Bruce Wayne is wary of Superman on Earth, and has been working as Batman for about 15 years.   During that time, his sidekick Robin was murdered, and he was able to capture The Joker and Harley Quinn.
  • Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, has been living on Earth and connects Luthor to as string of mysterious disappearances.  She realizes there is a greater plot afoot, and travels to Metropolis.
  • Superman is banned from interfering in world affairs, but is tricked by Luthor into traveling to Khandaq, which sparks an international incident. This prompts Bruce Wayne to travel to Metropolis where he joins forces with Diana Prince.  They discover Lex Luthor is developing weapons using alien technology.
  • Jimmy Olson lost his legs in the Zod/Superman battle in Man of Steel.
  • Luthor manipulates Batman and Superman into fighting, where they nearly kill each other.  Diana suspects Luthor’s involvement and uses her lasso of truth to learn of the real plot from one of Luthor’s minions.  Superman and Batman join forces when they realize Luthor is plotting a larger coup.
  • Wonder Woman rescues Aquaman and learns of Luthor’s master weapon: Doomsday, manufactured from Zod’s DNA and the World Engine.
  • Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman all battle Doomsday in Metropolis.  Lois Lane returns to Metropolis, and with the help of Alfred, discovers Doomsday’s weakness.
  • Victor Stone is a minor but pivotal character.  A star quarterback and friend of Jimmy Olson, he suffers major injuries in the fight with Doomsday and enters into a program codenamed CYBORG.
  • Batman makes reference to The Flash.  Whether we see Ezra Miller in costume is still an open question, though casting Miller so far ahead of any film with Flash as a confirmed character suggests we will.

That’s all we’re giving away here, folks!  If you want to know what happens in the final battle, you’ll have to read the original thread.  Though, it appears according to other persistent rumors that the film had to be retooled due to DC Comics owing back payments to writers.  Though we reported that Jenna Malone is Barbara Gordon last week, it appears in earlier drafts of the script that she was, in fact, Carrie Kelly/Robin.  DC forced the creative team to make the change as royalties are in dispute to the creator of Kelly.  Likewise, though we known Robin was murdered, apparently the film never discloses the secret identity of said character due to similar disputes.

Will all of this information prove accurate?  We’ll find out in March!