Introducing the KNIGHT RIDER Phone Charger

David Reddish
Image source: Ewan Roberts, Flickr.

Ever have one of those days wasted stuck in traffic and wish you could drive KITT, the talking Pontiac from the 80s cult series Knight Rider?  Wouldn’t he at least be good for conversation when stuck on the freeway?

Well, guess what…

ThinkGeek has released the KITT USB phone charger for mobile devices.  The charger resembles the KITT readout from the original 80s series right down to the pulsing red light that matches his speech patterns.  The charger can facilitate up to two USB charging chords, and also recites a variety of phrases from the show, voiced by original KITT, William Daniels.  Thankfully, the charger also comes with a mute button since he can get irritating from time to time.  Regrettably, the super stealth mode, auto cruise control, flame thrower, bullet proofing, grenade launcher and seat ejection system as seen on the show do not come with this new charger.  One can hope for the future though!

Check out the KITT charger, here: