The New Spiderman Suit Already?

David Reddish
Image source: Oscar Baeza, Flickr.

Marvel Studios, not happy with their continual bombardment of film and TV series on the populace, has released the first -possible- image of Tom Holland’s rebooted-yet-again Spiderman.

Allegedly tweeted by to an obscure Twitter account by Captain America: Civil War helmers Joe & Anthony Russo, the image is of a red and black suit with the odd texturing common to current superhero films.  Incidentally, said fabric type, also used in Man of SteelTron: Legacy and The Amazing Spider-Man, is a Hollywood dig at amateur costumers.  Apparently, home costume construction has gotten so advanced that the overpaid costuming department at the studio warehouses doesn’t want to be replaced by cheaper, more enthusiastic talent.  Sorry, Cosplayers.

Captain America: Civil War will mark the Marvel Cinematic Debut of their most popular character, SpiderMan, and integrate him into the over-arcing Avengers storyline.  Though ostensibly a Captain America sequel, all of the Avengers characters along with Ant-Man will appear in the story, which features division among the ranks of superheroes.  Captain America and Iron Man both lead the opposing factions with dire consequences for the superhero population.  Tom Holland will play a young teenager, Peter Parker, who becomes SpiderMan and develops a mentor-style relationship with the Avengers.  50-year-old Marissa Tomei is set to co-star as Peter’s elderly Aunt May.

Captain America: Civil War hits theatres next year.