Kenya to Protest Gay Rights with Gayest Event Ever

David Reddish
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To protest the freedoms in a country they do not belong to, 4,000 men in Kenya have vowed to strip completely naked to protest a visit by US President Barack Obama later this month.

The Republican Liberty Party, a Kenya-based political party opposed to gay rights, has planned a street protest to show their opposition of President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality in the United States.  The leader of the protest is 33-year-old Vincent Kidaha, a leader of the RLP.  Kidaha informed Nairobi police that he predicts a full 4,000 men and an additional 1,000 women plan to show up to the protest and strip naked to remind Obama of the differences between male and female anatomy.  Kidaha was also quick to point out that plastic bags will be provided so protesters can store their clothes.  No word on if any of those women will sport circumcised vaginas, as Kenya has a long history of female genital mutilation.

Kidaha also has yet to comment on the latent homoeroticism of thousands of naked men running around frolicking together.

Watch Kidaha’s declaration video here: