Comic-Con Post Mortem: The Footage!

David Reddish
Image source: Kevin Dooley, Flickr.

Surviving the San Diego Comic Con in recent years is a feat not for the weak of heart or constitution.  Fans camp out for days to get a first look at the footage provided by Hollywood of upcoming releases.  Badges and hotels sell out in a matter of seconds.  This year, a woman was almost trampled to death trying to buy a new stormtrooper action figure at the Hasbro booth.

Still for those lucky and skilled enough to gain access to the studio presentations, the footage doesn’t disappoint.  While the studios, this morning, grouse over leaks from the convention showing unfinished footage or yet-to-be-released trailers, the Internet has gone wild for a glimpse at bootleg camera recordings of the sizzle reels.  As those of us here at Valorist who attended the convention continue to recover from the insanity of Comic-Con, we’re consolidating all the official releases–and bootlegs–here for your viewing pleasure!

DISCLAIMER: We here at Valorist have nothing to do with the recording of any bootleg trailers. It’s not our fault they got out, and not our fault that the footage is grainy, full of echoes and recorded on a camera phone. Watch at your own risk. Thank you.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice:


Suicide Squad:

X-Men Apocalypse: