The Five Most Insane Rants Over the SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

David Reddish
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  1. This crazypants from Indiana

    The woman pauses from her cleaning routine to dissolve into this incoherent rant. Does anyone want to tell her that God didn’t create marriage according to Christian tradition?
  2. This Megachurch Guy

    “Just pop one!” he says as the video opens, and that sorta sets the tone for what’s to come. While ranting about fondling and rape, he proceeds to fondle and grope his parishioners to exorcise their gay demons. I hope he washed his hands first.
  3. George Takei Fires At Will

    Takei, let it be said, is defending marriage equality. Still, that doesn’t stop the STAR TREK legend from firing phasers on Judge Clarence Thomas, labeling him an “Uncle Tom” in “Blackface.” Imagine
  4. Donald Trump…again?!

    Jon Stewart relishes skewering a sideshow clown like Donald Trump…especially when he gets to call the former APPRENTICE host on his hypocrisy when it comes to marriage. The thrice-married Trump is for “traditional marriage” but doesn’t see any hypocrisy in condemning gay people as an insult to matrimony. Good luck in the primary, Donald!
  5. Rick Santorum: Science Teacher

    Thought impaired presidential candidate Rick Santorum, previously known for denying the existence of global warming and bringing home a fetus to introduce to his children called for redirecting funds used to combat global warming to fight marriage equality. He also called on President Obama to encourage straight people to marry instead of gay people. Oh, and he’s running for President…he just wanted to make sure you knew.