Five Ways to Celebrate Marriage Equality for Straight People

David Reddish
  1. Download Grindr to see if gay guys really have it easier…

    Grindr Party
    Author: Issac Sanchez
    Source: Flickr
    Don’t upload a picture. Just don’t.
  2. Play your Joan Jett Playlist

    Joan Jett--NIke Run Hit Wonder--7-13-05 030
    Author: Pinkbeat
    Source: Flickr
    Also: Melissa Ethridge, kd lang, Elton John, The Scissor Sisters
  3. Watch SENSE8

    Author: Doug
    Source: Flickr
    You should probably just do that anyway.
  4. Wear Something Colorful

    STS-135 Atlantis Landing (201107210036HQ)
    Author: Nasa
    Source: Flickr
    It’s a party, after all!
  5. Raise a Glass!

    The Happy Couple
    Author: Brian
    Source: Flickr
    Buy your gay bud a drink, have a beer with the lesbians across the hall, or just find some gay stranger and do a shot!