Hoverboards are Real!

David Reddish
Image source: The Community, Flckr.

To all observers who made fun of Back to the Future for completely miss-predicting the year 2015, be prepared to look stupid.

The Lexus Corp., known for high-end auto design and sales, has announced a working prototype for a hoverboard, the hovering skateboard seen in the Back to the Future film series.  No word on if the board will be available for purchase by October to re-enact the famous Hill Valley hoverboard chase.

The board utilizes magnets and superconductors to hover on a cushion of energy, the very same technology currently used to run Japan’s famous mag-trains.  Lexus plans to start testing the board this summer in Spain, and hopes to release a tie-in board with the films.

Check out a brief video on the hoverboard here: