New Study Shows Sex & Booze Makes You Happier Than Religion

David Reddish
Image source: Garrett Miller, Flickr.

A new study by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand has found the obvious: sex and drinking are high sources of pleasure.  

The study used a rubric called the “pleasure map,”  designed to rank activities on three scales: engagement, meaning and pleasure.  Respondents unanimously ranked sex as the highest on each category.  Rounding out the low end of the pleasure scale: housework, sickness and Facebook.  The study is designed to aid participants in finding happiness life satisfaction, as well as over-all well being.

Activities also ranking high on the pleasure scale included partying, volunteering, and child care, though each varied on the scales of engagement and meaning.  Partying, in particular, while ranking high on the pleasure scale, scored low on meaning.  Scientists conducting the survey hope to apply the results to different age groups to find new methods of treating depression.