SmashMouth Gets Smashy

David Reddish
Image source: Eva Rinaldi, Flickr.

Remember SmashMouth?  That weird quasi-alt rock band from the late 90s & early 00s with hits like “Walking on the Sun” or “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby?” The latter video starred a then-relevant Jennifer Love Hewitt.

No?  Ok, what about that song “All Star” from the Shrek movies?  Yeah, thought so.

So those guys.  Once upon a time before “All Star” got overplayed and sank their brand name, SmashMouth was actually a decent band.  Since then, frontman Steve Harwell spent some time in rehab, and some time on VH1’s The Surreal Life…because, why not?  The band still records and performs though, and this past weekend, while Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer passed out condoms and showed off their dance moves in a gay pride parade, Harwell, went on an epic tirade that culminated in a bread bashing.  The band was scheduled to perform at Taste of Fort Collins, a food festival in Fort Collins, CO.  Patrons attending the fest partook of the usual food sampling, including free loafs of bread.  Audience members attending the SmashMouth concert hurled some bread at the stage as the band started their set, compelling Harwell to go off on an epic rant, which prompted the audience to pelt the stage with even more bread.  Harwell had to be restrained by security as the rest of the band proceeded to play “All Star” with the audience filling in for his vocals.

Then they cancelled the set.

I suppose it wouldn’t have helped to point out that there are starving stoners all over the state of Colorado who could have eaten the loaves of bread, would it?

Check out the video here: