Meet the New STAR WARS Bombshell: Billie Lourd

David Reddish
Image source: Red Carpet Reports, Flickr.

Geeks opining for Carrie Fisher to once again don her Slave Leia costume may get the next best thing…

Fisher, set to return as Queen Leia in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has gifted the world with another beauty: her daughter, actress Billie Lourd.  The 22-year-old daughter of Fisher and Hollywood superagent Bryan Lourd, will also appear in a supporting role in the upcoming film, and has already displayed her mother’s sultry beauty and fantastic intellect.  A graduate of New York University, Lourd will make her debut alongside her famous mother, followed by role in the upcoming Fox series Scream Queens.

Lourd’s role in Star Wars is, unsurprisingly, kept under tight wraps.  Rumors have run the gamut, predicting that Lourd would play the daughter of Leia and Han Solo to Lourd actually taking on her mother’s role as young Princess Leia in an elaborate flashback sequence.  Lourd of course refused to comment on any of the rumors, other than to deny she’s anything but Princess Leia’s daughter in real life.

Fisher has called Lourd a big fan of Star Wars growing up, often pestering George Lucas for vintage merchandise.  A princess herself, of sorts, Lourd is also the granddaughter of Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds.