LEEEROY JENKINS: 11 Ways to Mark the 10 Year Anniversary!

David Reddish
Image source: Jeremy Keith, Flickr.

    Digital Press, Clifton, NJ 6/28/08 - 1 of 25
    Author: Rob DiCaterlino
    Source: Flickr
    Zak Penn’s nostalgic documentary about the dig for the worst video game of all time clears up a few urban legends and makes us crave 8 bit graphics again!
  2. An Evening with AVGN

    Chiller Theatre Expo, Parsippany, NJ 10/25/14
    Author: Rob DiCaterlino
    Source: Flickr
    James Rolfe’s hysterical series about the worst games ever only proves more durable with time. Our favorite: the Castlevania series on how much the games suck.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront Tourney!

    Battlefront Party 7
    Author: Dave Iskera
    Source: Flickr
    If THE FORCE AWAKENS has your interest piqued, what better way to cope with anticipation?
  4. Revisit THE WIZARD

    Dinos in the dark
    Author: Jason Rosenberg
    Source: Flickr
    One of Toby Maguire’s first movies, this commercial for Nintendo games actually is pretty fun!
  5. Dress up like the MARIO cast!

    Mario, Luigi and Waluigi
    Author: Scott Pham
    Source: Flickr
    Just pretend like it’s totally normal.
  6. ZELDA Marathon!

    Author: Dylan
    Source: Flickr
    Play the NES classic straight through, including second quest.
  7. The Three Heart Challenge!

    Overworld Map of The Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Revenge
    Author: Rainbow Dragon
    Source: Flickr
    Same as #6, but try to beat the game with only three hearts. Good luck with that…
  8. Play the original TRON Arcade game!

    TRON control panel
    Author: Colin Ailsworth
    Source: Flickr
    An old fashioned trip to the arcade is always fun, and the original game about gamers saving the world is still wayyyy too much fun. Bring quarters.
  9. Play the original APPLE Oregon Trail!

    Oregon Trail Party
    Author: Pure Geekery
    Source: Flickr
    Name the party after your friends and see who gets snakebite first. Do a shot everytime someone dies!
  10. Take on SWORDQUEST!

    Atari - Swordquest
    Author: Num Lok
    Source: Flickr
    The most original, and controversial gaming contest ever, see if you can solve the three classic Atari Games, and the puzzles that come with them!

    Guilty Viewing Pleasures: Super Mario Bros
    Author: Ingrid Richter
    Source: Flickr
    But don’t say we didn’t warn you.