Sex on the Beach: 15 Years in Prison

David Reddish
Image source: the futuristics, Flickr.

A Miami court has declared the guilt in the case of a couple photographed having sex on a public beach, a conviction which carries at least a 15 year sentence.  Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez will have to register as sex offenders following the conviction.

Tourists spotted the couple engaged in obvious intercourse on a beach last July.  The witnesses, which included a 3 year old child, were appalled by what they saw.  A grandmother with a cell phone photographed the event, which proved to be a pivotal piece of evidence despite claims by the defense that the couple was only dancing.   The jury deliberated for only 15 minutes.

Though the families of Caballero and Alvarez defended them as “good people,” public opinion and the jury sided with the prosecution.  The conviction marks Caballero’s second conviction in only three years, following an 8 year sentence for cocaine trafficking.

No word on how much sand either perpetrator lodged in their bodily cavities.